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image of Tonya Edinger, owner, with client pup Posie

Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet is a complimentary, essential, and required scheduled visit that we will set up after our initial contact, and prior to your pet service reservation, at a time that is convenient for you.

This meeting will allow for a face-to-face get-together, so you and your pet can meet us in person. Having your pet become familiar with us is important, and if your pet needs an additional visit, we will be delighted to schedule a 30-minute Drop-in Visit closer to your reservation start date.

We want to know all the little details about your pet and what their life looks like when you are home, so we can keep things as normal as possible for them while you are enjoying your time away or busy at work! 

image of Joe Edinger, owner, with client pup Odin

What we'll go over...

Trust, Safety & Environment

We love being outside and staying fit, and want your pet to have the exercise they need as well, so we will go over the exercise or play routines you have in place along with detailed information about their schedule, habits, likes, dislikes, feeding, care instructions, anxieties, medications or supplements, and everything in between! If your pet is older, we are happy to accommodate whatever routine you see fit for them.


We are of the firm belief that dogs and cats need mental stimulation as well. We will play games and with toys together to keep them from boredom when stuck inside or just for fun! We can also do some light training... we feel it gives them a sense of learning and purpose. Down-time is also very important, and they can nap whenever they want; quiet time is just as essential as adequate activity. They will have the best of both worlds!


We will be taking great care of your home while you are away as well, so this will give us an opportunity to discuss guidelines and instructions from picking up your mail to watering your plants, if desired. Your home will be clean and tidy upon your return, and your privacy will be completely respected while we are there for your housesitting, drop-in or dog walking. Trust and privacy are sincerely important to us.

We are very thorough and like to know as much about your pet as possible, so please allow for up to one hour for our Meet & Greet (depending on service needed.) All intake information will be filled out by you via the Time To Pet Client Portal and verified by us during our scheduled consultation. We will also have you download the mobile Time To Pet app to receive your Visit Reports and answer any questions you may have for us.

image of Joe Edinger, owner, with client kitty, Aggie
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